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It is sweet, sweet summertime!  Time for outdoor fun- sports, concerts, picnics, swimming, boating, and more. Don’t deprive yourself of being outdoors on nice days, but you do not want to damage your skin health. It is possible to both enjoy the outdoors and be safe. Number 1- and we just cannot say this enough- is broad spectrum sunscreen every single day!  UVA rays are out even on cloudy days and go right through the clouds and car windows and are responsible for causing most skin cancers and skin aging.

What about cosmetic treatments in the summer?

Lasers, peels, and plasma treatments are best during the cooler months when avoiding the sun is easier.  Many treatments require no sun exposure both before and after the treatments to avoid hyperpigmentation.  For treatments during the summer months, we recommend Ultherapy, a lifting and tightening treatment with no downtime that can be performed on any skin type, any time of the year.  If you are looking for deep, gentle exfoliation to make your skin glow or dealing with acne or poor skin texture and tone, then give the Salt Facial a try.  Microneedling is another option for summer.  It does require 24 hours of staying out of the sun, but then with sun protection you are good to go. Of course, fillers and anti-wrinkle injections like Xeomin can be done all year long.

What about the SPF number?  This can be a bit confusing. While a minimum of SPF of 30 is recommended, more is not necessarily better. A higher SPF does not indicate superior sun protection—it indicates that you will remain protected in the sun for a longer amount of time. Most experts recommend reapplying every 2 hours, especially if you are sweating or swimming. Keep in mind, the SPF factor only applies to the burning UVB rays, so reapplying is recommended for safety for the UVA and UVB rays regardless of the number.

Sunburns cause inflammation and we know how bad inflammation is for our bodies. What shows on the outside reflects our health on the inside.  Parents have a terrific opportunity to start their children off well and teach them the habit of sunscreen and importance of avoiding over exposure. 

At Sky Vein & Aesthetics, we have sunscreens that double as skin care and ones for all types of lifestyles.  Check out SkinBetter Science’s sunscreen compact. It is excellent for touch ups and perfect for those that drive a lot.  We have an EltaMD Sheer that active people love- no smell, glides on smoothly with no white cast and has a barely there feel.  It is perfect for all outdoor activities and for men that hate putting on any product. We have formulas that can double as makeup primer or replace makeup all together. Would you rather have a makeup with sunscreen in it or a sunscreen that is makeup? If you want to give your skin some love this summer, come see what we can do for you

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