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We’d like to share a success story about one of our recent patients. This young woman came to us with a big event a few months away. She has struggled with severe acne since her early teens and resorted to using lots of makeup to try to cover the blemishes. She is correctly concerned about scarring. A very pleasant, sweet patient, her self- confidence was affected by the appearance of her skin.
Sky Vein & Aesthetics recently acquired a new FDA cleared laser device for the treatment of acne with long lasting results. This patient had AviClear in three appointments, each a month apart. After her first treatment, she was ecstatic about how much her skin had improved. One month after her third and final treatment, her acne is clear! Just in time for her big event! The good news is that we know she will continue to improve over the next 3, 6, and 12 months. We at Sky Vein and Aesthetics are extremely happy for this delightful young woman. See her pictures below.
Acne can be severe, moderate, or mild. We expect the patients with severe and moderate acne to have the best results. Acne can crush one’s confidence at the most critical of times because acne pops up at the worst of times: prom, graduation, a job interview, a wedding, a reunion, or a family photo session. Like straight teeth from braces, clear skin is something we all want to have. Acne can cause permanent severe scarring. While scars can be treated with microneedling and skin resurfacing, it is better to treat the problem before scarring develops.
We have also seen good results in adults with acne caused by hormonal changes. Acne on the chest can also be embarrassing. One of our patients with an upcoming wedding is hoping that AviClear can let her wear the wedding gown of her dreams.
Come see us for a free consultation to see if we can help that special day be more special. Financing with Care Credit is available.

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